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Oxygen Thief Complete Bundle

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Oxygen Thief Complete Bundle

Go all out and grab yourself the complete Oxygen Thief bundle!

Get all four releases; 'Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused', 'One Day This Will All Be Fields', 'The Half-Life Of Facts' and 'Destroy It Yourself' together for just £20!

Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused

Released in 2013 on Xtra Mile Recordings, this mini-album features 7 of Oxygen Thief's songs re-worked for the first time with a full band. The mini-album includes favourites 'Modesty Is Dead', 'Disaster Plan' and the single 'Terry Nutkins Salute'.

"Face-melting - KKKK" - Kerrang

Format: CD

Track listing:

1) There Can Be Only One
2) Modesty Is Dead
3) Terry Nutkins Salute
4) Mestle & Portar
5) Camera Shy
6) Disaster Plan
7) Words On Walls

One Day This Will All Be Fields

Going back to his acoustic roots Oxygen Thief released a collection of 7 songs in mini-album format back in 2014 on Xtra Mile Recordings. This includes a few of the full band tracks from 'The Half-Life Of Facts' stripped back and a cover of 'Suckerpunch' by The Wildhearts.

Format: CD

Track listing:

1) Badge Of Dishonour
2) Trial & Improvement
3) Vectors
4) Self-Righting Mechanism
5) Flight Paths

Bonus tracks:
6) Suckerpunch (Wildhearts Cover)
7) On Your Easy Marks, Get Set, Go

The Half-Life Of Facts

'The Half-Life Of Facts' is the first full length album featuring new songs recorded with the full band. Released in 2014 on Xtra Mile Recordings, this full length album features 12 songs including favourites 'Too Many Trees', 'Self-Righting Mechanism' and the lead single 'Co(Extra)Ordinates'.

"KKKK" - Kerrang

"Acoustic to electric never sounded so good." 9/10 - Big Cheese

" A full-throttle garage-inspired assault on the senses shot through with an unmistakably British sense of humour." - Rock Sound 

Format: CD

Track listing:

1) The Incredible Sulk
2) Trial & Improvement
3) Too Many Trees
4) Hubristolian
5) Crowbars Up!
6) Vectors
7) Co(Extra)Ordinates
8) Self-Righting Mechanism
9) Con.Script.Shun
10) It's Life Jim, But Not As We Know It
11) Loch Ness Monster Truck
12) Bench Press Your I.Q.

Destroy It Yourself

Released in 2011 'Destroy It Yourself' is the first full length album from acoustic loud man Oxygen Thief. Over the years the Bristolian has built up a solid fan base and has graced many a stage up and down the country. Before officially signing to Xtra Mile Recordings in 2013 he was always considered part of the XM family regularly sharing the stage and touring with some of their best known acts including Frank Turner, Ben Marwood and Chris T-T.

Format: CD

Track listing:

1) Show 'Em Who's Boss
2) Modesty Is Dead
3) Mestle & Portar
4) Terry Nutkins Salute
5) Camera Shy
6) Word On Walls
7) Makoto Nagano
8) Disaster Plan / Greater Aberystwyth
9) Languages Our Specialism
10) See You Later Procreator
11) Nice Night For A Neck Injury
12) All Done Bye Bye

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